Safety is our Top Priority

Binghamton University Dining Services' utmost priority is the health and safety of students, faculty and staff. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, we adjusted our on-campus dining procedures for the years 2020-21. BUDS' goal is to provide an environment where everyone can feel at ease when dining with us. 

Our Safety Commitments  

We are confident in our ability to support our operations while keeping everyone safe in this time of great uncertainty. To minimize the risk of infection and prevent business disruption, we will continue to adhere to the following:    

  • Practice social distancing    
  • Conduct daily wellness checks
  • Wear face masks    
  • Adhere to food safety standards    
  • Sanitize regularly    

We value our team and customers' understanding and compliance with new COVID-19 regulations.  

Changes to Dining    

Our focus remains on following food safety standards and offering nutritious meals to the campus community. We modified the following services to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

  • Reduced menu options for quicker ordering and serving interactions between customers and staff  
  • Limited seating to allow social distancing  
  • All meals served in to-go containers to encourage take-out style dining  
  • Mobile ordering in select locations   
  • Increased sanitation of touching points  

Students, faculty, staff and the Student Culinary Council provide feedback that amplifies our knowledge of their necessities. We are continuously reshaping our services to meet customers' needs and follow New York State Department of Health regulations.  

Stay Informed    

COVID-19 drives changes per New York State Department of Health, CDC and University guidelines on an institutional level. Visit Binghamton University's response to COVID-19 for updates. 

BUDS will continue to inform our clients of our services as we update them.

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Do you need to reach us?
We appreciate your feedback and want to be a part of making your dining experience what you want it to be. 
Send us an email, or call us at (607) 777-2991.
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