BUDS Blog: 5 Exciting Reasons Breakfast, Burgers & Beyond Follows a Rotating Menu

February 24, 2021

written by Laura Guerrero-Almeida

Binghamton University Dining Services rebranded Cakes and Eggs to Breakfast, Burgers and Beyond (BB&B). The station is conveniently located in the MarketPlace and serves delicious breakfast sandwiches and platters and an extensive array of burgers. The creator of BB&B's burgers, Chef Charlie Williams, CEC, CCA, said the menu rotates to allow for innovative ideas, holiday celebrations and seasonal flavors, among other exciting reasons.   

Options to Look Forward to      

BB&B has enough burgers that you won't see the same menu twice during the semester.

"The rotating menu keeps things fresh and offers a great variety that would please all burger lover's taste buds," Chef Williams said. "Every two weeks brings brand new flavors to try out, and from time to time, something special will pop up."  

We will end the semester on a high note with The High Society Burger! This sophisticated burger comes with red grilled onions, melted brie cheese, arugula, port wine reduction and truffle aioli, served on a gold-dusted bun. The High Society Burger will be available beginning May 3.

Environmentally Conscious     

Rotating menus are a sustainable dining approach - it drastically reduces BB&B's food waste. Burgers are cooked 100% to order, and "we don't have overproduction issues," Chef Williams said. The station also purchases all its produce from a NYS distributor who sources from local farmers whenever possible.     

Beyond Breakfast & Burgers  

The beyond factor in BB&B is our promise to create pop-up meals that step out of our usual. To honor celebrations, we will occasionally incorporate festive recipes that are neither breakfast nor burgers. A few dishes to anticipate are the St. Patrick's Day Irish Boiled Dinner and Philly Cheesesteaks served on National Cheesesteak Day.  

Trendy Options  

BB&B strives to bring a sense of normalcy amidst the pandemic. Though restaurants are limited for students, our trendy rotating menu brings a unique dining experience to campus.   
"Chef-inspired pub food is a viral trend across our country right now," Chef Williams said. "I've seen some cool, creative menus in cities like Nashville, Austin, NYC, etc., and we wanted to give our students that same level of creativity using the classic comfort food item, the burger."
Variety for Non-Meat Eaters  
Non-meat eaters can also enjoy the Bloody Mary Burger, Mac & Cheese Burger and any of our upcoming choices. BB&B offers the plant-based Beyond Burger® patty that can replace beef patties in any of our specialty burgers. We strive to accommodate many dietary lifestyles by making any of our burgers meatless.
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