BUDS Cashier honored by Services for Students with Disabilities

April 25, 2019

Karen Brownell, a cashier for Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS), was recognized this month for her encouragement and assistance to students with disabilities.

Brownell was nominated by student Priyana Kale in a letter thanking her "for being the type of human being who makes everyone's day filled with a touch more positivity and light."

"From giving me a vase with wild flowers in it, to writing me a list of recommended rock songs on a scrap of paper, you have continually cheered me up even at my most frazzled moments when I would leave my water bottle at the salad bar and my hat would somehow wind up across the room," wrote Kale. "In other words, you have been an essential part of my support system by providing the dose of positivity I often greatly needed."

Services for Students with Disabilities hosted the recognition ceremony attended by Binghamton University President Harvey G. Stenger and other dignitaries. Brownell was among professors, RA's, counselors, and advisors celebrated for their positive impact in the lives of students.

"Sometimes it is hard to recognize the impact that casual conversation or a simple gesture of kindness can make in someone's life," said Resident Dining General Manager John Enright II, CEC. "Karen's service example is one that we all aspire to, and we are proud to have her on our team."