Binghamton University receives A+ rating from PETA

November 14, 2019

Written by Jacob Ocon, BUDS Editorial Intern

This November, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals conducted its nationwide survey of vegan options in college dining halls, assigning each university a letter grade and subsequent ranking according to the quality and variety of vegan food on its campus. Not only was Binghamton University awarded an A+, comfortably above the average state grade of B, but also satisfied an exhaustive amount of PETA’s ranking criteria and menu assessments. This earned Binghamton University Dining Services a spot on PETA’s Dean’s List. According to the PETA Vegan Report Card website, schools on the Dean’s List are the highest tier of A-rated dining halls, describing its members as “the vanguard when it comes to vegan cuisine on campus.” 

Binghamton University Dining Services fittingly welcomes this award during World Vegan Month, a time of recognition for plant-based eaters around the globe. To mark the occasion, The Chenango Room served an all-vegan buffet featuring plant-minded re-creations of meatballs and chicken, an artisan ginger and coconut soup, and “The Best Damn Vegan Mashed Potatoes!” BUDS hosts tons of events for foodies both vegan and non-vegan, so be sure to follow @bingcampusfood on Instagram for the highlighted vegan recipes that can be found on every menu! 

BUDS has continued to communicate with students and campus groups to research, arrange, and implement additional vegan dining options on campus, and Binghamton University students are proud of the team for earning national recognition as a result of their efforts. One student, Senior Maddie Klemenz, commented; “It’s really great to see that the dining halls have begun to offer more plant-based options over the past few years. Since I don’t eat animal products, it’s nice to be able to eat from more stations than just the salad bar. I think that including these options is not only helpful for vegans and vegetarians, but it also promotes more nutritious eating among people who are not. Including more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and plant-based proteins and milks in any diet is a way to make it more healthful.”  

Binghamton University Dining Services continues to pursue ways in which every dietary lifestyle can feel at home at campus dining locations. These changes work to create an inclusive and healthy environment in order to promote the same outside the dining halls and out on campus.