Binghamton University Dining Services Replaces Starbucks Store with a Mobile Truck

November 14, 2019

Written by Jacob Ocon, BUDS Editorial Intern
This fall semester, Sodexo at Binghamton University added the first Starbucks mobile truck to the Sodexo portfolio of food service technologies. The university’s dining team, known on campus as Binghamton University Dining Services or BUDS, worked to obtain the truck in the face of renovations which temporarily closed down the usual brick-and-mortar Starbucks location. Much to the relief of students, this meant that BUDS can maintain the campus’ coffee supply while continuing to upgrade its facilities.
Binghamton University, one of the largest members of the State University of New York system, has routinely seen record numbers of applicants over the last few years. In order to foster the education of these new students, the university began numerous projects to renovate a wide range of facilities over the next few semesters. One of these projects includes a complete renovation of the campus’ oldest dining hall, located in the Hinman College living community. Although many problems and inconveniences were handled by Binghamton University Dining Services in the face of the rebuild, one major loss needed to be addressed; with the closing of Hinman Dining Hall came also the closing of the beloved Starbucks location within. 
Knowing that the Hinman community could not be without its Starbucks source, and that a temporary stand-in would not suffice, BUDS contacted Starbucks and secured the full use of a Starbucks mobile truck until the storefront reopens. The truck continues to provide Hinman residents with the full Starbucks beverage menu, even while their dining hall is under construction. John Enright, General Manager of Binghamton Resident Dining Services, admires the success of the mobile store, stating “Opening the truck has been a tremendous learning experience for everyone involved. Our Starbucks Team, led by store manager Ben Forse, has done an outstanding job adapting their barista skills and day to day duties to get us to the point we are at today.” The seamless addition of the mobile Starbucks to the campus dining services family showcases Binghamton University Dining Services’ commitment to the dining needs on campus, as well as its community-oriented approach to the solutions it brings to students.