Sustainable, Convenient, and Free: Grab an OZZI To-Go Container from Any Resident Dining Hall

February 06, 2023

Written by Elaina Bonora, BUDS Editorial Intern
In the Spring of 2020, Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS) joined forces with the Student Culinary Council (SCC) to bring a new, environmentally friendly take-out container system to campus known as OZZI. The implementation of the reusable container system is a product of Binghamton University’s continuous efforts toward a reduced ecological footprint. Having made national headlines for its impact on waste reduction, OZZI is the leading sustainability partner for university campuses, restaurants, and other business facilities across the  United States.

Student meal plan holders can get their first reusable OZZI container for free from any Resident Dining Hall cashier. Binghamton University senior Peter Proscia says that he has been taking advantage of the straightforward, environmentally friendly container system since its 2020 debut. “I’ve always appreciated the practicality of the [OZZI] containers. I can stop by a dining hall on my way to class, fill my container with food from the hot line and then throw it in my backpack. Busy students have the ability to enjoy a warm meal on-the-go, instead of the usual prepackaged salads and sandwiches.”

The four-step “Take It To-Go" system is simple: hand your OZZI token to a cashier for a new OZZI container, fill your container with food, check out, then return your used container to one of the conveniently located OZZI machines to get a new token. It’s an easy, stress-free way to make a difference that just so happens to be well suited to the active, on-the-go lifestyle of a college student.