Joseph Laskaris Receives a Second Star Award

December 10, 2020

Written by Laura Guerrero-Almeida, BUDS Editorial Intern

Our very own Joe Laskaris received the Binghamton University STAR Award. His extraordinary service as BUDS' Catering Director made him the only person in the University's history to receive the award for a second time.

The STAR Award recognizes outstanding efforts by any faculty or staff member at Binghamton University. Kandace Tredo, assistant to the VP for research, initiated the nomination process for Joe.

"Joe has always gone above and beyond to help with any type of event, from a large event to a small lunch," Tredo said. "You can always count on Joe and know that you are in the best hands."

Darcy Fauci, chief of staff at the president's office, Ann Marie Kellogg, executive assistant to the VP for advancement, Tamara Lindow, assistant to the director at CCE, also wrote letters of recommendation. The three of them described Joe as one of the most hardworking people they know and someone that takes pride in his job.

"He listens intently to your needs, makes suggestions based on his years of experience, and then flawlessly orchestrates the catering for your event," Kellogg said. "He takes personal responsibility for every aspect of the event right down to the most minute detail."

Whether it be around his fellows or his staff members, Joe maintains a positive attitude and treats people with an equal level of respect. We are proud to have someone as reliable and charismatic as Joe on our team.