Student Culinary Council

The SCC is the "Students' Voice for Campus Dining!"

We are a team of students like YOU who constantly work with our partners at Binghamton University Dining Services and the University administration to create the ideal dining experience for students.  We strive to make student suggestions come to fruition!

Some of the projects we helped make happen:

  • Creating 2 large Nite Owl options to offer more late night choices
  • Adding a new Starbucks and Subway to the Hinman Dining Hall
  • Updating the MarketPlace with offerings students want to see
We operate on four main pillars:
  1. Residential Dining - implementing suggestions that bring improvement or correct any issues at our four campus dining halls.
  2. Retail Dining - implementing suggestions that bring improvement or correct any issues at our retail dining facilities such as the MarketPlace, Einstein Bros Bagels, Jazzman's, Chenango Room, Starbucks, Subway, etc.
  3. Nutrition - work directly with Dining Services' team of of dietitians to gain student feedback about offerings ranging from gluten free options to vegan options in order to better accommodate the various dietary needs of our students.
  4. Environmental/Social Responsibility - ensuring that the environmental impacts of food purchasing decisions are taken into consideration while communicating the thoughts of ethics and sustainability in campus dining.
Please feel free to stop by one of our OPEN meetings! 
Every other Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at the Chenango Room

For more information, please e-mail or check us out on Facebook.


SCC World Vegan Day 

SCC World Vegan Day - November 2016

SCC meeting oct 2015

Student Culinary Council meeting - October 2015                                                 

 Starbucks Grand Opening

 Starbucks and Subway Grand Opening - September 2016   

 SCC at Sysco

 Sysco Visit - Spring 2016

 SCC Welcome Poster

  Sysco Visit - Spring 2016