All resident students are required by the University to purchase a resident dining meal plan with the exception of students living in Hillside and Susquehanna communities.  Students living in Hillside, Susquehanna, or off campus may purchase one of the commuter meal plans.

You can add money to your dining dollars at any time by contacting the Meal Plan Office at 888.858.9167 or 607.777.6000 or using the Online Account Sign In.  You will not be charged any additional fees for adding dining dollars - the amount of money added goes directly to the dining dollars amount.

Yes, dining dollars will carry over semester to semester and year to year as long as you are currently signed up for one of our meal plans. You must purchase a meal plan first. If you do not purchase a meal plan consecutive semesters, you will lose your carryover.  **Please note that roll over dining dollars will not be available until after the first week of classes for the semester.

Refunds of dining plan payments are permitted only during the first nine weeks of the semester under the following circumstances:

1) A student withdraws from the University
2) A student obtains a medical exemption from the dining plan from the University physician.

 Students who register but do not attend the University receive a full refund of the entire dining plan payment.

The dining plan refund is computed on a prorated basis of the membership fee and the unused portion of the current semester dining dollars.  Carry over balances will not be refunded.

For the purpose of prorating the membership fee, weekly increments are used and students eating for part of the week are charged for the full week.  Refunds are prorated according to the following schedule:
Week 1: 85%
Week 2: 75%
Week 3: 65%
Week 4: 55%
Week 5: 45%
Week 6: 35%
Week 7: 25%
Week 8: 15%
Week 9: 5%
Due to New York State tax laws, no refund will be provided to students who have excess dining dollars in their account after the ninth week of the semester, when they graduate, or leave the University for any reason.  More information is available at our Meal Plan Office.

The Meal Plan is specifically used for food on campus at Binghamton University Dining Services facilities. BUC$ is a pre-paid debit card which can be used in locations such as the Bookstore, Library, Student Shops, etc.

No. The meal plan can only be used at the Binghamton University Dining Services facilities on campus.

If you live on campus, then it is mandatory for you to have a meal plan even if you only wish to dine at the Kosher Korner.

Yes. Students can dine at a variety of locations on campus. We currently have community dining rooms, community cafes, and retail dining facilities. The meal plan is accepted at any of these locations.

Yes, you can pay cash at any of the community dining rooms, though it is discouraged because you will pay 1.8 times the posted item amount.

Yes, you can use BUC$ in any of the community dining rooms and is accepted at all retail dining locations.

Yes, you can always transfer money to your meal plan by using your BUC$ account by contacting the Meal Plan Office, however you cannot add money to BUC$ with your Meal Plan.

The Meal Plan is linked to your Binghamton University Student Picture Identification Card. Your account number is the number on the front of your picture ID.

You can put a stop on your account by either logging into your account here, calling the Meal Plan Office 607.777.6000 or visiting the Meal Plan Office in UU-0002.

Yes. All of our facilities offer wellness, vegetarian, vegan, and organic options. These options are noted on the menu signs. For any questions regarding nutrition, you can contact our Dietitians, Alexa Schmidt, at 607.777.2716 or Julie Lee, at 607.777.5413. You can also look for healthier options at our dining locations under our Mindful program.

Food Allergies are very important, especially when you are dining away from home. If you have a food allergy of any kind, then please ask the dining staff if the allergen is in the food you are purchasing. Any of our dining staff would be happy to help. Also, we encourage you to speak to the Campus Dietitians, Alexa Schmidt, at 607.777.2716, or Julie Lee, at 607.777.5413 for additional information regarding your food allergy.  Alexa and Julie will be more than happy to help you navigate all of our menus so you will know exactly which foods not to eat. However, as stated above, we still ask that you question the staff before eating any foods which may pose a concern.

You may also consider eating at one of our Simple Servings stations, located in the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center & Appalachian Collegiate Center. All Simple Servings dishes feature foods made without milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and gluten for people with food allergies, gluten intolerance, or other special dietary needs.