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Binghamton University meal plans provide the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. With your meal plan, you have the freedom to dine anywhere on campus, anytime you want. All resident students are required by the University to purchase a resident dining meal plan, with the exception of students living in Hillside and Susquehanna communities.

It works just like a debit card. Each time you purchase a meal at one of the dining locations on campus, the amount is deducted from your account balance. Dining Dollars are yours to spend when and where you want.

The cost of your meal plan is made up of two components:

  1. Dining Dollars - The amount that can be spent on your food purchases. This differs based on the meal plan you choose. Since the membership fee covers all non-food costs, you receive a significant discount on every meal purchased at any one of the four community dining rooms. For example, a slice of NY-style pizza in Hinman Dining Center costs a meal plan holder just $0.89!* Retail pricing applies to all other venues on campus.
  2. Membership Fee - This covers the non-food costs associated with operating your four (4) community dining rooms (Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center, Appalachian Collegiate Center, College-in-the-Woods Dining Center, and Hinman Dining Center). This includes labor, supplies, maintenance, utilities, and paper.  
Resident Meal Plan Pricing
  • Resident Meal Plan Benefits
    Flexibility of choosing a meal plan size that reflects your unique eating habits. Unlike traditional meal plans, there are no lost meals, no limits on how often or when you can dine, as long as there are available funds on the meal plan. You can eat twice a day or eight times a day, you can spend $5 per day or $25 per day ... it's your choice.
  • Convenience of using one card for all campus dining purchases. Your student ID card is your ticket to eat when and how you want!
  • When you buy your meals and snacks with your meal plan, you pay no sales tax!
  • Enjoy different types of dining experiences. Your dining program allows you the freedom to eat in the community dining rooms, a sit-down restaurant, cafés, convenience stores and our new MarketPlace.
  • Food to fit your mood and lifestyle including vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, gluten-free as well as healthy & balanced meal options.
  • Rollover! If you have any unspent Dining Dollars at the end of a semester, you can roll the balance over as long as you maintain a meal plan in the new semester. You can continue to rollover the balance until you have a break in enrollment (such as graduation), even if you move off campus! Money from your Resident meal plan will rollover to a Commuter meal plan.
  • Ability to add more money to your plan anytime, anywhere (i.e. in person at Meal Plan Office, by phone or online)
  • One of the biggest benefits of having a meal plan is receiving a significant discount in the community dining rooms on campus. With a meal plan, you have increased buying power while maintaining the flexibility to eat at any dining venue on campus as you can see if this very small sample pricing below (from spring 2018)
Sample Resident Menu Meal Pricing

To purchase a commuter meal plan or add money to your existing plan, please visit Account Access 

Commuter Annual - This is the perfect plan for students who plan to eat mostly in Resident Dining Centers and are looking for value in dining for the entire academic year. 

  • Buy in Fall and use your Dining Dollars throughout the academic year $650 per academic year = $400 Dining Dollars/$250 membership fee 
  • Save 8% sales tax 
  • Enjoy significant discount in the community dining rooms 
  • Can be used in all retail locations

Commuter Semester – This is the perfect plan for the students who plan to eat mostly in Resident Dining Centers and are looking for value in dining for just one semester. 

  • $340 per academic year = $200 Dining Dollars/$140 membership fee 
    Valid until the last day of finals each semester
  • Save 8% sales tax 
  • Enjoy a significant discount in the community dining rooms 
  • Can be used in all retail locations

Commuter Plus – This plan is designed for students who plan to eat mostly in our Retail locations on campus such as the MarketPlace, Dunkin' Donuts, Einstein's, Jazzman's, Starbucks, Subway, etc.. Enjoy a 10% bonus for every dollar deposited. This plan is purchased for the academic year and you only need a minimum deposit of $25. There is no membership fee with this plan, but Commuter Plus plan holders will not receive a discount at Resident Dining Centers and will be charged 1.8 times the posted prices.

  • $25 minimum buy-in 
  • Save 8% sales tax 
  • 10% bonus added for every dollar deposited 
  • 18% total savings over using cash
Commuter Meal Plan Pricing

Eating on campus isn’t likely ever going to replace your favorite restaurant, but are you aware of the simplicity of only carrying your Binghamton University picture ID card for food purchases on campus and not worrying about having cash in your pocket?

As a Faculty/Staff meal plan member, there is no need to carry cash. A Faculty/Staff Flexible Dining account is a prepaid debit card system that operates on a declining balance basis, specifically for the ease of dining on campus. The member’s account is reduced by the dollar amount of the purchase including tax. 

A minimum deposit of $25 is required to enroll in Flexible Dining. As an incentive, Binghamton University Dining Services has developed an enrichment program under which we will add 10 cents on every dollar you contribute to your account. It is our thank you for your business, and in today’s world, a 10% boost added to your account for every dollar you deposit adds up. Furthermore, it’s simple to start and easy to use. 

You may enroll at any time either in person at the Meal Plan Office located in the University Union (below Dunkin' Donuts) or use our easy and convenient online system to open your new Flexible Dining account. We’ll immediately credit your Binghamton University ID card. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card (our online system only accepts credit cards). You can add money any time your balance gets low, either in person, via telephone, or through our online account access at Only those opening new accounts are required to deposit the minimum $25 payment.

Members maintaining accounts need not add the minimum at the beginning of each semester. Your funds are available throughout the year. 

Please note that Faculty/Staff using this plan will be charged 1.8 times the posted price in the resident dining centers.

Does your department host special events throughout the year? Why not open a Department Account at the same time and charge your special catered events to your account? You’ll get the same 10% enrichment that individual accounts receive. The savings, especially for catered events, really add up. We suggest each department account start with $100 which will automatically turn your buying power into $110.

Note: This dining account is suitable for eating in non-resident dining locations. Use of the account in resident dining will incur an additional surcharge. 

Why wait? Sign up now and enjoy the privileges of membership!

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Binghamton University Card System 
BUC$ is an optional student service where you can place money on your student ID, turning it into a "Gift Card" for the University.  There are no service fees, no activation fees, and the money rolls over from semester to semester.  When you graduate or close your account, you can request any money left be refunded to you.  So you do not lose anything from using the program.

To add money or manage your BUC$ account, please click here.

On Campus Locations that Accept BUC$:

  • Anderson Center Ticket Office
  • Bowling Alley
  • Campus Copy Center 
  • Campus Printing (color prints and over flow printing)
  • Digital Media Center
  • ETS Maker Space
  • Food Co-Op
  • Health Services
  • John Author Café
  • Library (copiers, printers, and paying fines)
  • Pool Hall
  • SA Inc
  • Science Store
  • University Bookstore
  • Watters Theater Ticket Office

Deposits for your BUC$ Account  
If you want to register for a BUC$ account, click here, print out the form, fill it out, and send it to:

Binghamton University Dining Services  
Meal Plan Office  
Binghamton University  
P.O. Box 6000  
Binghamton, New York 13902-6000

For terms & conditions, click here

If you have questions just call the Meal Plan office at 607.777.6000 or toll free at 1.888.858.9167

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If you have questions, please call the Meal Plan office at 607.777.6000 or toll free at 1.888.858.9167